Greg Cipes music

Cipes & The People's uplifting music is a hybrid of reggae, hip-hop, dub, and rock helmed by singer/songwriter Greg Cipes.




Cipes & People's eclectic album "Conscious Revolution" was released in 2007. Lyrically Cipes owes most allegiance to reggae, his songs often geared toward uplifting statements of love and unity with some religious/political overtones, as well as some lusty romantic numbers.

Fly (Remix)


Cipes & The People are built around singer/songwriter Greg Cipes, who is also an actor and voice-over artist.

They combine reggae with elements of hip-hop and rock on their 2007 CD The Conscious Revolution

Shakey - SINGLE


Greg Cipes & social media sensation Jake Paul Song produced and written by DJ HYMN and Greg Cipes. Song performed by Jake Paul ,Greg Cipes and DJ HYMN.