Wingman G🐾

The Guru of ALL Gurus! The Adventures of Wingman G and Greg!

Portion of all proceeds go to Animal Rescue🐾 #AdoptDog 🐾 Peace, Love & Animals!

Wingman g #1

Wingman G: Let Dog Lead the Way.

Issue #1 of “Wingman G”! Wingman and Greg in a spirited motivational book that encourages healthy living and animal advocacy. Music, meditation, and man’s best friend! Love is forever! Includes BONUS coloring and activity pages!

Wingman g PLushie!

Get a Wingman of your own!

7” inch Soft and cuddly Wingman G plushie!

Portion of the proceeds go to the Un Amor organization and Animal Rescue.

Wingman G #2

Wingman G: The Guru of All Gurus.

Issue #2 of “Wingman G”! Join Wingman and Greg on their vegan farm in Hawaii. Meet lots of new animal friends and beware the rain clouds on the horizon! Mama Earth is always beautiful, even when there is a storm. Peace, love, and animals!